Labour law

Labour law

Dutch dismissal & unemployment law (Wet werk & zekerheid)

Certainty? In labour law one change follows in the footsteps of the other. That makes it rather difficult to handle this part of the law in a good manner. The average entrepreneur cannot see the wood for the trees. Meaning expert support and guidance in this practice area is rather necessary.

It then helps when you, as entrepreneur, come into contact with an attorney at law who speaks your language and understands what you are talking about. An attorney who, naturally, possesses broad knowledge and experience in the field of labour law.

Employment, notice period, transition allowance…

Important affairs which could possibly be costly if the legal regulations are not properly applied. HJF Advocaten follows all changes and developments meticulously. This is done through permanent education and continuous specialisation.

Our services consist, among other things, of:

  • The drafting and reviewing of employment contracts
  • Advising about the processing and handling of files
  • Advise on human resource management
  • Counsel and advice on labour disputes
  • The conduct of procedures in the case of resignation and/or reorganisation