Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

Your idea, thus your property

Are you or is your company an inventor, designer, author, creator of interesting logo’s and wordmarks, or perhaps a breeder of new plant varieties? In that case protection of the rights thereof can often be settled through intellectual property rights. The law and regulations in this practice area are not only becoming more broad and complex by the day, but are also applicable internationally.

Registering intellectual property rights 

HJF Advocaten conducts all services within the area of protecting (application and registration) intellectual properties that qualify, such as: 

  • trademarks,
  • logo’s,
  • designs,
  • but also in the area of applying and registering plant breeders’ rights. 

We would be happy to advise you on the various options of protection of the said intellectual properties in and outside the Netherlands. 

Enforcing intellectual property rights

After your intellectual property is registered and protected, monitoring and enforcement of it is essential. As such we cannot only help you achieving that by drafting all necessary contracts (license contracts, distribution contracts, cooperation contracts, MTA’s, MoU’s, NDA’s, etc.), but also by provding (legal) advice and assistance on issues of infringement of intellectual property rights, validity of said rights and/or compliance with (license) agreements made. 

At HJF Advocaten, both attorneys, jurists and paralegals are employed with many years of experience and a broad and specific knowledge within this practice area.

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