Corporate law

Legal counsel for entrepreneurs 

HJF Advocaten carries out an extensive practice in relation to many legal aspects that an entrepreneur has to deal with. Both the consultancy and litigation practice are important in that regard, still in principle, we always strive to prevent any (legal) procedures. Numerous parties have found the path to our doorstep throughout the years. To our respected clients belong both service-related and trading companies, bailiffs, semi-governmental institutions, but also educational institutions (MBO, HBO, and scientific). 

Sparring Partner 

For many of these parties we act in the role of a ‘house lawyer’ and sparring partner. Many of our attorneys at law have a background as entrepreneur themselves, and thus speak the language of an entrepreneur. When engaging in new projects, risks are an unavoidable thing, just as complex agreements. Especially where it concerns business takeovers, mergers or reorganisations. In such cases you do not stand alone, but rather find us on your side to help and advice you.   

Company law 

In addition, you can also come to us both for advice on and/or the setting up of the corporate law structure of your company.