Personal and family law & inheritance law

Personal and family law & inheritance law

Both in the field of personal and family law and inheritance law our office possesses a range of expertise. Think of: 

  • National and international divorces 
  • Alimony issues 
  • Issues on custody of children
  • Settlement of estates

A team of expert attorneys led by Beer Fresco handles such affairs.  

Estates and alimony 

Although paying attention for the many emotional aspects is rather self-evident, the financial and fiscal settlement also plays an important role in cases of Estates and alimony. In fact, it is about ‘Estate Planning’. After a divorce or the passing of a loved one, it is most prominent that people can get their lives back on track. 

Litigating or mediation

Entrepreneurs and companies too can come in contact with cases like this. Helping with, and more important, preventing problems within these areas is both inspiring and challenging work.  A tailor-made planning in advance can prevent a lot of misery afterwards. In case problems do still arise, then litigation might be necessary. However, most often such issues are solvable through ways of mediation or consultation. 

Inquisitive and innovative 

Our office always goes about such things with an inquisitive and critical attitude. Searching for creative and innovative solutions whenever possible and for realistic and acceptable solutions when necessary.

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