(International) Contracts

(International) Contracts

Legally failproof 

The drafting of commercial agreements asks for thorough and present knowledge. Contracts need to be legally failproof. 

The act of interpreting contracts also requires a specific legal insight. Think of the proverbial small print, the devil is in the details after all. Besides, who concludes business in the international arena directly meets the Anglo-American influences on contract texts. Not rarely does that lead to misunderstandings. Our attorneys at law and jurists from this practice area have gathered a broad expertise on this throughout the years, and developed a keen skill to help you out. 

Our Assistance

We can support you with: 

  • the explanation and interpretation of contracts,
  • general terms and conditions, 
  • cancellation- and termination clauses, 
  • remedies against defaults, 
  • international aspects, 
  • contract negotiations, 
  • but also with drafting a variety of agreements, both national and international. 

Our method is thereby careful and considerate, but also pragmatic, with an inherent understanding for your interests as an entrepreneur. The final result takes form in close consultation with you. 

Types of agreements 

  • Sale and Purchase agreements
  • Distribution agreements 
  • Franchise agreements 
  • Agency agreements 
  • Cooperation agreements
  • License agreements 
  • Assignment agreements 
  • Nondisclosure and secrecy agreements 
  • Research agreements 
  • Rental agreements

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