Office information

HJF Advocaten is a private liability company. With respect to all our activities/transactions/advises no liability is accepted, except in the event or to the extent that our mandatory professional liability insurance in occurring events gives leeway to remittance. Our professional liability insurance is contracted with Allianz Nederland Schadeverzekering located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has a limit of € 5.000.000,00 per application.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all orders and assignments given to us. These general terms and conditions are stated and can be reviewed on our website. Therein it is also recorded that we make use of an internal complaints procedure.

The complaints procedure is also available for inspection at the office of HJF and describes the internal complaints procedure. This procedure states, amongst other things, that complaints can be submitted and presented to the internal complaints officer of HJF Advocaten. HJF Advocaten respects your personal data and ensures with great care that any and all personal information provided to us will be handled confidentially. Your personal data will be processed and retained in an appropriate manner at all times. We will only use your personal information in order to provide you with the services you have requested from us.

Our fees

Subject to deviant arrangements, the following fees apply, whereby it is stated that the actual fees will depend on the nature and extend of the specific case, the necessary speed to act, and the respective expertise and/or specialisation of those who conduct the activities. All fees are hourly rates, exclusive of VAT, and excluding costs payable on your behalf, such as court fees, costs of bailiffs, etc. These latter costs and fees will be charged directly to you.

  • Senior attorney at law € 285,00
  • Attorney at law € 250,00
  • Legal staff member/Paralegal, as of € 220,00

Intellectual property, plant breeders’ rights, trademark rights

Additionally, for our activities in the field of intellectual property rights, such as the filing and guidance of applications and registrations of plant breeders’ and trademark rights, we make use of separate, fixed fees.

For proceedings concerning the collection of money claims, that are not disputed by the debtor, we also make use of separate fees. Said fees shall be send per your request.

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