Beer Fresco

Attorney at law

Ever since 1985 have I worked as an attorney. In the first years I combined my practice with different teaching positions at institutions of higher and vocational education, such as accountants. With much pleasure, I have also been able to build on what HJF is what it is today. 

Besides performing consultancy work in the health care sector, I have built up a large expertise in ‘Estate Planning’, issues wherein people need to put their life back on track after a divorce or the passing of a loved one. Helping entrepreneurs and companies and preventing that these entrepreneurs and companies facing problems in these practice areas, is also very inspiring and challenging work. Both legal as well as fiscal and financial aspects need to be considered, and just for that purpose HJF has more than sufficient knowledge. 

I go about this with a curious and critical frame of mind. Seeking a creative and innovative solution where possible, and a realistic and acceptable solution where necessary. Personal characteristics that also come in handy when I, as passionate amateur photographer, pick up the camera in order to relax.

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