Insolvency and restructuring 

Bankruptcy and onwards

Unfortunately at some point, every entrepreneur will face the presence of a bankruptcy. Either at his own company or that of a client. By making clear agreements with your business relations, it is possible to limit any damage caused by an eventual bankruptcy. This may include the use of general terms and conditions, which stipulate, for example, that you remain the owner of the goods delivered by you until the customer has paid the purchase price in full. Or may include the right of complaint or the right of retention, so that, in the event of a bankruptcy, you can easily claim the goods back that you already have delivered.

Financing (insolvency) and restructuring

It can happen that your own company finds itself in dire straits. A big client does not pay its invoice, there is no demand for your product anymore or the financier and/or bank has doubts about the continuity of your company. During such circumstances, it is important to intervene in time. This could include mediating and attaining (extrajudicial) agreements with creditors, such as the bank and tax authorities, setting up other corporate structures, divesting business units and/or making staff redundant.


It can also happen that a director, even prior to bankruptcy, has acted against your company in a unacceptable way as a result of which your company suffers damages. It then must be determined to what extend this act was unlawful and whether the director is personally liable for the damages suffered by your company. If you yourself are a director and are held liable in the capacity of director, then we can assist you to avert such liability.

Department of insolvency & restructuring

The attorneys of the department of insolvency & restructuring have extensive experience on this discipline. They are regularly appointed by the District Court of The Hague as trustees in bankruptcies and as administrators in cases of suspension of payments. They have the required expertise and knowledge to properly advise your company in this practice area.

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Milko Spaa

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Nicole Nottroth

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