Stijn Stubenrouch


After having finished my studies of Public Governance and Dutch law I started as attorney at law in Rotterdam in 1986, where I was later registered as certified mediator as well. After broadly 30 years of experience in the legal profession, I acceded towards HJF Advocaten since 1 April 2017 and since then keep office in the Rotterdam branch of HJF Advocaten.

My specialisations as attorney and mediator are diverse. It concerns the legal practice areas that an entrepreneur can fall in contact with on both a commercial and private level. Some examples: real estate and government, tenancy law, administrative law, contract law, and others of such. 

Other than that, also civil service law, personal injuries, and personal- and family law. 

Socially involved through my diverse board positions in associations and foundations.

My motto: after our first contact, we immediately go to work together. Quick, practical, and solution-oriented are the starting points to have your legal matter be handled by me, strengthened by years of experience and expertise.

If it is possible and wished for, striving for recovery of trust between parties, but where necessary also not evading legal procedures. Not only having regard for the case itself, but also for building up a resistant relation based upon trust with the client is what occupy centre stage in that connection always.

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