Steven Jonker

Attorney at law - partner

Up until I joined this office as an attorney at law in 1996, I worked in sports. As a PE teacher, tennis and ski instructor, and more of everything that had anything to do with sports.

After a good period within sports, I believed it was time for a new challenge. I acceded into the legal profession after having finished an evening study of law, graduated cum laude, with a specialisation in labour law and intellectual property rights. After three years I became partner and was able to participate in the further development of the office of HJF Advocaten. 

I can put my enthusiasm and drive for sports completely in the entrepreneurship as well as in the legal profession. And sporting, that I will keep on doing. Which should happen according to the adage: a healthy mind in a healthy body. Apart from that, the legal profession is also a kind of top sport, especially if you strive to reach the most optimal result for all of your clients. 

It goes without saying that that is what we are always going for at HJF!

Latest news

The artificial constructions law (Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies - WAS)

The artificial constructions law (WAS) has received a lot less publicity, but it is certainly no less relevant.

10 March 2016

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