Lieberte van Walree

Attorney at law

After I graduated for my gymnasium diploma at the Alexander Hegius, I started to study law in Leiden in 1976. After law school, I applied for a profession as lecturer law at The Hague University. It helped that I was born in a ‘family of teachers’, so I was hired. It was a fun and informative job. I was not only lecturer, but also a student counsellor. Apart from my job at The Hague University I finished a study of tax law and raised four children. In 2000 I started working as tax advisor at an accountancy office. Due to my desire for a more demanding challenge, I started as an attorney at HJF in 2005. Here I have experienced an ableness to make good use of my previous experience outside of the legal profession. 

I have specialised myself in tax law and real estate law. Since 2007 I am also often appointed by the court as trustee in bankruptcies (member Insolad, association of insolvency lawyers). I advise, in particular, entrepreneurs and companies with financial problems and entrepreneurs and companies in real estate-related matters.  

Latest news

The artificial constructions law (Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies - WAS)

The artificial constructions law (WAS) has received a lot less publicity, but it is certainly no less relevant.

10 March 2016

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