Jan-Willem Kolenbrander

Attorney at law - partner

In 2003 I graduated from Leiden University in civil law with a focus on civil procedural law. My first job was with the largest legal aid insurer in the Netherlands. There I came into contact with contract law and business partnerships such as distribution, franchise and agency. It was the start of a fascination that has not let go of me, because in 2008 I became an attorney at law and I further explored myself in commercial contracts, in particular franchise agreements, distribution agreements and agency agreements. First for five years at a law firm in Rotterdam and then more than nine years at a law firm in Leiden. I have been associated with HJF Advocaten in Voorburg as an attorney at law and partner since 2022.

In my daily practice, I mainly deal with commercial contracts, such as purchase, sales and delivery agreements, general terms and conditions, distribution and agency agreements. My practice has its main focus on franchise agreements and everything that comes with it. Think, for example, of drafting, adjusting and assessing franchise agreements, advising on the law of franchise, unsound forecasts, (post)contractual non-competition clauses, termination of the collaboration, et cetera. In addition, conflict management is a regular part of my daily practice, and if necessary, going to court or arbitrator on behalf of the client is not spared. I do all this for franchisees, associations of franchisees, as well as for (national and international) franchisors. I regularly publish articles and blogs and I also provide courses, webinars and podcasts.

In my spare time I enjoy running, listening to music and being with my family.

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The artificial constructions law (Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies - WAS)

The artificial constructions law (WAS) has received a lot less publicity, but it is certainly no less relevant.

10 March 2016

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